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Explore the new frontier of positive patient outcomes through effective clinical protocols supported by safe trusted supply of legal psychedelics .

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Best Clinical Practices

We believe that there is great potential for positive outcomes for patients in need through the use of psychedlic therapy and that this is best achieved when supported by effective clinical practices.

Psychedelic pharmacotherapy stands as a potentially disruptive tool that could change both the lives of people suffering from a range of debilitating conditions and the very nature of a large segment of the medical industry built on conventional pharmaceutical drugs. The process of getting licensing approval for psychedelic compounds can be difficult and time-consuming. Frontier Pharmaco is a legally licensed Canadian company that can produce, purchase , safely store and supply psychedelic compounds to clinicians and researchers engaged in clinical trials or through other legal special access programs. 

Safe Legal Supply

Frontier Pharmaco is a licensed Canadian business delivering safe, legal and effective psychedelic research grade compounds to clinical studies.

Frontier Pharmaco is leading the way in psychedelic research by providing researchers with the highest quality psychedelics and most effective tools for their studies and work with patients. Our goal is to help create safe and effective treatments for PTSD and addictions. PTSD can happen to anyone, including our soldiers in the line of duty. PTSD is a debilitating condition that affects people in many ways, from depression and anxiety to nightmares and hyper-vigilance. PTSD sufferers in North America currently have no treatments besides pharmaceutical drugs with significant side effects and addiction potential.

Frontier Pharmaco Ecosystem

Frontier’s ecosystem is composed of many unique segments with Frontier at the hub and Patients in need of help as the highest priority. Clinicians Supporting Patients Through Clinical Trials, CDSA License HoldCo Providing Safe Psychedlic Supply, Western Extraction – Revenue Support through Medical Sale of Safe Cannabinoids, Academic Institutions Conducting Research. Jamaican Subsidiary – unique psychedelic spore bank and clinical trial site.  All of these elements are critical to the successful delivery of the full potential for benefit to patients through psychedelic treatments.

Frontier Assets

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