Our Core Team

Sean Wilton

Chief Executive Officer

Sean Wilton is a former aerospace and currently registered professional engineer who has been involved in many aspects of the environmental engineering, industrial, and life sciences industries for more than 25 years. Over the past several years he has been focused on the complex world of the legal market for cannabis and natural psychedelic medicinal compounds. Sean is currently the CEO of Western Extraction and Frontier Pharmaco. He is a passionate proponent of rational evidence-based medical treatment access for patients in need and has studied the beneficial effects of psychedelics for decades. His direct experience witnessing the failure of conventional medicine in the treatment of PTSD and addictions in fellow veterans continues to fuel this passion.

Marshall Hauser


Marshall Hauser is an entrepreneur with a deep interest in the frontiers of science. His determination to provide alternatives to conventional pharmacotherapies is driven by his foundational belief that the public should have access to safe, effective treatment options – and that science should not be stifled by policies which inhibit research and development of those options. After spending more than a year immersed in investigative research into the efficacy of alternative treatments through weekly meetings with clinicians operating in legal districts, Marshall has developed a rare insight into the world of alternative therapies, processes, and outcomes. Currently Marshall is President of Western Extraction and Frontier Pharmaco.